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Rules for service centers issued

2018-05-08 10 ℃

THE Pudong New Area has announced a set of directives to manage and regulate the 1,282 neighborhood service centers in 36 communities, towns and villages in the district.

The centers are a one-stop service for residents to deal with various administrative issues, including residence permits for foreigners.

Previously there were no governing regulations, complicating the efforts of both service providers and receivers.

New ways of managing neighborhoods are emerging amid the city’s call for effective governance. But a lack of regulations can lead to chaos and cannot guarantee service quality.

The new rules are thus aimed at improving the situation.

Pudong and the city’s quality and technology supervision authority have issued the directives and an evaluation system to test the performance of grassroot officials.

The new measures and the evaluation system will be tested first in the free trade zone.

“It is not mandatory. Instead, it acts like a suggestion to the grassroot service providers and a commitment from the government to the residents,” said Chen Xiaojun, deputy director of Shanghai Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau.

The measures will ensure working hours for officials, the services they provide, a unified logo and even layouts such as like reception space and counselling rooms, and areas for holding activities.

“Once we try out the new measures, we may extend it to cover the whole of Pudong. It can be used later as a reference by the city authorities,” said Lu Fangzhou, deputy director of Pudong.